Just Hook Up Review: Is it a Scam?

OverviewJust Hook Up

The reality is that a lot of these hookup sites are truly scams and convince men all over the world to buy into their memberships. How does Just Hook Up do with providing honest and quality service?

After going through several reviews and checking the site out myself, there wasn’t much to impress me with. As usual a lot of reviews were calling it a scam, and the reviews who spoke positively about it weren’t very convincing with all their hype.

Am I calling Just Hook Up a scam? I’m not calling it a scam at all. What I am saying however, is that there’s just too many people submitting complaints about the site for me to give it any trust.

It’s confusing to see testimonials that say,

“I had actually received some interest on Justhookup.com! To my surprise a couple of local lovelies had sent me an message, Whaoo!!”

and then you see things like:

“its that these are very obviously ‘dummy’ profiles and messages created with the intention of being *very* appealing to a potential counterpart so that signing up for the site is irresistible.”

Are the profiles real?

According to a lot of the reviews, it seems that Just Hook Up has a lot of dummy, goddess looking profiles to draw the customer in. These ‘fake’ profiles will message you to get you to buy the monthly membership.

After you get in, apparently very few profiles will message you back, and when they do they’re very generic messages.

Legality of the site?

Apparently in their ‘terms of service’, Just Hook Up states that they are allowed to create fake profiles to increase attraction of the site. Seems a little scammy to me.

Summing up…

This shouldn’t be a surprise to you, as there are hundreds of other sites out there who do the exact same thing. Unfortunately, Just Hook Up is one of those sites that I’d rather pass than spend my money and time on.